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Flexibility, approachability, and a relentless pursuit of innovation. Allen Signs create signage that is tailored to suit it's purpose and environment.

Allen Signs

Propelling themselves to the forefront of signage innovation. Allen Signs, boldly breaking conventions, they harness change as their ally, propelling innovation to new heights.
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    Lincoln, UK

Allen Signs brand positioning.

The company's core principles of flexibility, approachability, and innovation are strongly emphasised. Grid Designs embarked on a creative endeavour to create a unique 3x3 square featuring three internal shapes. These shapes enable the logo to be rotated, flipped, and moved within the grid, resulting in captivating secondary versions. This approach underscores the company's commitment to creativity and adaptability, providing a clear understanding of their brand focus.

A flexible brand for a flexible business.

The logo has the ability to be customised into various iterations, similar to how it embodies the adaptable nature of a flexible business.

Innovation within it's brand

Innovation within it's brand
Innovation within it's brand Innovation within it's brand

"Their ability to not only understand and execute the project brief is unmatched. They also leave us eagerly anticipating future collaborations"


Dean Newcombe

Graphic Designer

Graphic Design

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